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General Registration Begins July 1st
Livestock Registration Begins August 1st

Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts
Barn Quilts Barn Quilts
Cakes, Breads, and Pies Cakes, Breads, and Pies
Canning Canning
Cheer and Dance Cheer and Dance Info Coming Soon!
Chili Cookoff Chili Cookoff
Confections Confections
Crazy Cakes and Memories Crazy Cakes and Memories
Decorated Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cookies Decorated Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cookies
Doll Show Doll Show
Donut Competition Donut Competition
Eastern Region 4-H Eastern Region 4-H
Fairy Garden Fairy Garden
Fine Arts Fine Arts
Flower Show Flower Show
Giant Growing Giant Growing
Girl Scouts Girl Scouts
Holiday and Special Days Holiday and Special Days
Honey Show Honey Show
Horticulture Horticulture
Jewelry Jewelry
Jr. Confections Jr. Confections
Knox County 4-H Knox County 4-H
Livestock Livestock
Needlework Needlework
Pageants Pageants
Pet Show Pet Show
Photography Photography
Pinterest Interest Pinterest Interest
Plein Air at the Fair Plein Air at the Fair
Quilts Quilts
Robo-Rodeo Robotics Robo-Rodeo Robotics Info Coming Soon!
Scarecrow Scarecrow
Scrapbooking and Creative Cards Scrapbooking and Creative Cards
Skills Skills
Student Art Student Art
Woodcarving Woodcarving
Youth Craft Show Youth Craft Show
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