Marvelous Mutts
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Marvelous Mutts

Date: Sept 06 - Sept 15, 2019
The Marvelous Mutts produce thrilling canine sport entertainment shows that feature some of the world’s finest athletes! Dogs participating in the show are rescue dogs - learn more about their stories here.

A Canine Splashtacular is the essential and riveting production that combines the three most exciting dog sports - Frisbee, agility racing, and dock diving - into one action packed, family friendly show. You will be delighted by this high-energy canine thrill show, it's the x-games of canine entertainment.

The dogs amaze fairgoers as they flip and fly to snatch Frisbees out of the air, race through agility obstacle courses with breathtaking speed, and launch themselves off a dock to catch a toy before it splashes into a pool of water. This spell-binding spectacle of canine athleticism produces clapping, cheering, laughing and smiles every single time.

Media Partner: B 97.5

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